Kensington Privacy Screen Filter Selector



Data privacy begins on screen. Visual hacking is an easy way for your organisation’s data to get in to the wrong hands. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in full force and large organisations all over the world are receiving fines for data breaches. To avoid this, it should be a priority for all IT departments to ensure that privacy filters are provided to all employees, especially those that are working outside of the office. Kensington stands for proven and reliable security products at a superior quality and has over three decades of IT hardware manufacturing experience. The innovative security solutions always set new standards without compromising product quality. Kensington’s range of Privacy Screen Filters are compatible with over 52,000 laptop, monitor and tablet devices. Make sure you choose the correct filter by using the Kensington Privacy Filter Selector below.


*Kensington Privacy Screens support GDPR compliance